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en FanArt: "Aki el primero >.<" en la galería MiS DiBuJiLLoS x3

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ola xD soy nueva y estoy aki gracias a hisaki >.< pos eso k lo disfruteis
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Este es el perfil de C_luo
C_luo (25-08-2008): hola! tu dibujo esta potente, con que lo coloreastes?, bienvenida.Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de Soren
Soren (25-08-2008): ola pos con lapices de colores de toda la vida xD solo k mi scaner esta regular y me los escanea muy claros y lo tengo k etocar con el photoshop... xD como el traje x ejemplo salia en blanco y le tube k acer eso la piel ya se la dejo blanca k se le va a acer xD grax x tu bienvennida ^^Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Nando (25-08-2008): Tiaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! mola un puñao ese dibujo jeje seel curro k te as tomao paprecentarlo al concurso jejeje me encanta no te estrañe si algun dia desaparece de tu libreta tuturu ^^ tkm NAN-2 Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de Soren
Soren (25-08-2008): Nandooooo mi kuikiiiiii =D ¬¬ es mioooo xDDDReportar este comentario al administrador + 0
Este es el perfil de hisaki
hisaki (25-08-2008): Eyyy compiii x fin pudiste poner tu dibu jejejejej Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de Soren
Soren (25-08-2008): sip^^ jeje x fin xDReportar este comentario al administrador + 0
Este es el perfil de cancervero
cancervero (25-08-2008): wow!!! vaya presentacion!! bienvenida!!! espero que sigas posteando mas dibujos, felicidades!!!!!!! Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de Soren
Soren (26-08-2008): grax x vuestra bienvenida ^^Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de Grey
Grey (26-08-2008): oye muy lindo dibujo que has puesto wellcome!!Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de SHANTY
SHANTY (27-08-2008): EXCELENTE DIBUJO,TE FELICITO TIENES UN GRAN TALENTO.Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1
Este es el perfil de cadmiel
cadmiel (28-10-2008): me encanto el trasero!!!Reportar este comentario al administrador + 0
1GlkIS6bF3D (02-10-2015): Hi, folks, & Hi, Dawn I've been wanting to comemnt on this article for several days now, but I've only just now managed to read through the last of the comemnts. What a discussion you've sparked!My advance apologies if this gets long in the tooth, but I want to see what folks think about how I've been processing the conversation.By and large, it sounds like a lot of us comemnting here are in the same boat, and generally of the same mind as Dawn: the model of using your comic as a free loss leader for the sale of books and merchandise does not seem to be giving financial success to most of us. I'd argue it is still a viable option, but targeting it and pursuing it slavishly as a system may not tend to be rewarding, because the folks for whom it works have largely fallen into it rather than met it by careful planning. There are still new successes in webcomics (I think of Kate Beaton and Axe Cop as relatively recent additions to the glitterati ), who like Drezz said have each come to it in their own unique way.Here are some things that have come to mind while pondering this whole thread:1) In his book, The Dip, Seth Godin suggests that, in order to be successful (for the sake of this point, let's say financially and/or in generating a sizable readership), you need to be the best in the world at what you do. It's vital to note that world and what you do are variable terms that each individual needs to define. For example, if your goal is to be best on the Internet (the world ) at making funny comic strips (the what ), then you have a very hard climb ahead, because as others here have noted that's a very tall mountain with people already at the peak. If your goal is to (taking my comic as an example) be best on the Internet at making funny sweet comics about an international family, then I'm much farther ahead of the game, but the world itself (that is to say, your potential audience) may be small enough that the current level of success is all it can offer.2) Tthere's another book (I swear I'm not an Amazon affiliate) by a guy named Nassim Nicholas Taleb, called The Black Swan, in which he defines a black swan as an event that is: fundamentally unpredictable, game changing, and explainable only in retrospect as something we could have predicted. 9/11 is the classic example. It also applies very well to the success of creatives like us, and the ultimate advice was to maximize your exposure to positive unpredictable events serendipity by putting yourself in environments where serendipitous events can easily occur. (Comic cons come to mind; you strike up a conversation with the right person, and wind up with a good idea for a joint project, or a word of mouth note on the blog of a more popular creator, etc.)3) Last night, while talking about the relative success or lack thereof of Odori Park, I was asked whether I'd ever calculated it's Net Promoter Score (a measure of how engaged your audience is calculated by taking the total of people in a given set who'd actively speak positively of your work, minus the number who would actively criticize or speak negatively of it; the silent middle grounders are left out). I hadn't thought of applying NPS to OP before, and it got me thinking: I've got a good direct line to my readers through emails and comemnts on my site, but for the most part, people have only made positive comemnts. Those with negative reactions are either too few to be of concern, or too tame in their reaction that they don't feel a strong desire to express it.How, then, can I know what's NOT working in my work?So, to put it all together, what your article made me think, Dawn, was:To achieve a satisfyingly large readership and related financial gain from our comics, we have to define our world broadly enough that it can support that level of success, but tightly enough that we can feasibly leverage our skills to be best in that world at our craft. Assuming that as a threshold, the other puzzle piece is potentially but never with certainty filled by exposing ourselves to opportunities for good luck (which is to say, putting your work, and yourself, out there). The missing piece is figuring out what's NOT working, but given that game changing success is unpredictable, does it make sense to try and figure out what's not working, or to just put more of yourself out there different venues and formats, different projects with different audiences, etc. until the tumblers fall into place?Any thoughts?Reportar este comentario al administrador + 1

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Comentar "Aki el primero >.<" en la galería MiS DiBuJiLLoS x3



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